Your drywall will naturally start wearing in due time. However, that does not imply that you need to live with unsolicited holes or marks in your walls. Listed below are some of the typical reasons of damage and the drywall repairs that can help your walls look as if it’s brand new.  Keep on reading to know more: 

Water damage 

If you can observe any signs of water damage in your drywall, don’t forget to reach out to the experts as soon as possible and get your walls checked.  


Drywall cracks should not be taken lightly. Regardless of how small a crack may look, never neglect it. Most of the time, cracks get even bigger and result in more extensive issues later on. Cracks in your drywall can be caused by changes in humidity, seasons, and temperature. Moreover, it may be a more severe problem as well, such as structural issues like framing deterioration or foundation settlement. Once you have identified the level and cause of severity, you can repair the crack using a joint compound or contact an expert of any drywall repair Washington DC as soon as you can observe such cracks. 

Nail hole damage 

One of the most typical drywall repairs that all homeowners experience would be nail hole damage. Regardless if you’ve recently transferred into a new house or you’re simply rearranging your decorations, such unappealing nail holes will keep on taking away from your area. To fix the nail hole damage in your drywall, all you have to do is to fill the holes, patch it, sand over the affected spot, and repaint. If there were holes, nobody can ever tell if you do that. Plus, expect your drywalls to look as good as new as well.  

Door handle damage 

Commonly, door holes in your drywall are due to your door handle that’s always slammed into the wall as you open it. Though this issue might seem to be simple to prevent, this usually happens in houses especially when kids are present. This kind of drywall damage is more extensive compared to concealing furniture marks and will have to be sanded, patched over, and repainted. Setting up a backplate where your door gets in contact with the drywall is one of the best means of preventing such occurrences in the future. Moreover, you can attach a cover for your door handle to give a softer impact when slammed into the drywall. 

Furniture marks 

Most of the time, furniture tends to leave marks or scuffs once pressed up against your drywall for a long time. Though such markings look unappealing and can be irritating, they are one of the drywall repairs that can be fixed easily. Oftentimes, such marks can be eliminated using a lightly dampened sponge. When the marks still look visible after the drywall is cleaned, new wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint can help conceal any lasting impressions. To prevent causing more harm to your wall, ensure to leave just a small space between your walls and furniture.