Your lawn serves more than just an aesthetic feature that you can add to your property. It can also provide you, the homeowner, a relaxing view despite the depressing environment that surrounds us every day with its rich green color.   

There are many ways to ensure that you have that appealing green lawn including landscaping or calling professionals like Delaware County tree care services to ask for some professional tips about how to make your lawn atypical from the rest.   

But of course, before you go to the advanced elements can provide, ensure that you have the best greens on your soil.   

Lawn, backyards, and garden would be dull with greens but here is the thing that you should know. There are kinds of greens you can plant in your garden including trees, plants, and grass. But when it comes to grass, you need to choose between the options provided.   

Although there are many kinds of grass that you can choose from, two of the most prominent include fescue and Bermuda grass. Here, we will share with you which is the best pick for your lawn by differentiating their features.   

What is Bermuda?  

This grass is fast-growing and is distinctive with its moderately thick leaves. Compared to the Fescue grass, Bermuda has coarser and thicker grass and is also considered to be more invasive as it can grow rapidly in a certain area within a very short amount of time and with minimal effort.   

On the flip side, there are lawn owners who complain about Bermuda. We mentioned that it can grow with minimal effort, and this is the very thing that makes it potentially invasive. When it takes hold of the area, it can grow so fast in a very messy way, while also posing a threat to your other greens like plants and trees. It is also not ideal when planted with other kinds of grass as it will dominate the other kind, for sure.   

Moreover, Bermuda is not tolerant to cold temperatures and may go dormant when too exposed. Luckily, it is very resilient even under extreme heat, thus tropical areas prefer Bermuda.   

What is Fescue?  

Besides Bermuda and other kinds of grass, Fescue is also very popular with home and lawn owners. It is characterized by thin leaves that resemble other turfgrass. When you choose Fescue, you need to expect a thinner and ultra-fine grass that will grow in your place compared when you choose Bermuda. When you have some places on your lawn that have no grass, some Fescue will surely treat it.   

If Bermuda can easily become dormant under cold temperature but is resilient to extreme heat, Fescue is the complete opposite. Yes, it is right. Fescue is less tolerant to an extremely hot environment and it may die if you plant it amidst hot weather. However, unlike Bermuda, it can withstand extremely cold temperatures and so it is one of the favorite grass picks among cold places. Of course, although it is less tolerant to cold, there are still places that plant Fescue.